One of my favourite portraits I did this past Holiday season was one for a past client, and it was titled “Three Dog Night.” I love my orders via Etsy. I love the stories behind them. And I love a good challenge! This particular portrait, was a bit of both. The picture had an amazing story behind it, and the request was for a Scanner Darkly style vector portrait of three dogs. Problem was, the photograph was extremely small and low res. Getting details off of it were close to impossible. But that didn’t stop us!


She sent three photos, a close-up of each dog’s face. And I did the rest. . .3dogs

The finished product, something I was super proud of. And the client adored.

alyse (29)

I love how it looks like each dog was caught in the act!

But, the best part of all? How the gift was received:


I gave my friend the print yesterday!! To say she and her husband loved it would be an understatement! They were shocked, thrilled, speechless, and thought it was amazing!! Best gift ever they both said! They had a big Christmas party last night and several people were requesting your information! I think you’ll be getting some new business from this!! Thank you again for all the time and creativity you put in the piece. It is so special!!


I love what I do. XD


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Custom Reborn Artist, Portrait Artist, Writer, Editor, Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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