prepping for a move. . .

We have found the one. & are now it’s confirmed residents! & now we’re now counting down. 9 days until moving day!

I’m making art, packing like a mad woman, and preparing for my next round of edits with my editor for the novel. Moving is a great exercise in letting go, of what you don’t need/use/want to bring along with you. It’s also about finding new things to make your house a home. I’m pleased to report that while we didn’t end up with a finished basement, we did end up with a fully fenced yard. I’m simply thrilled by this. It was my near only stipulation – having had no place to play with the kids since Sneaky was born. Now we can hang outside in the summer, read on blankets, Sneaky is big into picnics on blankets. And May birthday parties outdoors. I’m a happy Momma.

And there will be space for a reading nook! Sneaky loves books. He always has. And we’ve amassed too many (like closets and closets of books). So shelves are a must. And these are on my list:

We can stack them. Move them. Carry them about doubling as bins. I think we might need a truck full of them. But we’ll start small. And Meekly, perhaps from all the modelling, is almost as smitten as he is. He regularly reads to her too, which is incredible to watch. Which is why we definitely need a nook.

And I’ve had my heart set on one of these, for too long. We’ll decide on colors later. But I’m leaning toward black & white chevron, or rainbow. Swoon. (I totally decided on the black&white, since composing this post. It’s in the making & what I’m calling the belated shared Christmas gift my kiddos should have gotten from us this past Xmas).

And I want this sign. For the nook.

My workspace will again be doubling as our playroom, so keeping it fun will be top priority. And kid safe. This clock will be mine.

Is it not perfect? And I don’t really tell time. I don’t like clocks (unless I have to be somewhere). They distract me. I like to let time slip away in flow. I like to let my kids work on their own schedules. Read cues rather than short hands. So I may never put batteries in it. ; )

And these curtains.

Can I just say, I love ikea, yes I do. I just hate that I can’t order online. But ebay resellers, oh how I heart you.

And this tablecloth. I just love this seller, and since I pretty much detest the cookie cutter tablecloths I come across in stores around here, I plan to buy several.

And I totally plan to DIY my bookshelves with fabric backings. This one calls out for me.

I confess Sneaky inherited my love for rainbow everything. Le sigh.

And bath curtains. Is this one not spectacular?

Rainbow-riffic but also complete geekery.

If I could afford the expense, I’d also buy this:

So in my imagination, this lovely rhino will reside.

And I vow, I VOW, we’ll frame those DaVinci sketches of flying machines I bought Beldoe for his birthday before Sneaky was born, and set them up on the mantle where they’ve belonged for far too long.


About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Portrait Artist, Writer, Editor, Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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