testimonial Tuesday

I’ve said it before, but I love opening my email & hearing about how a portrait gift was received! And even better, seeing it up in a home. I love that I’ve been able to be part of giving someone something truly treasured, unique and an affordable piece of art for their family member. So I was ecstatic to get these pictures from Kim, a past client, who commissioned me to make a Keck-inspired portrait of her daughter’s dog, Forrest! Kim works with a rescue in CA and Forrest was rescued from a high kill shelter. I fell in love with him, the story, the spring in his step! The tail, curled like a pig! & I loved creating this piece!

alyse (43)

Yup, his run earned him his name, after Forrest Gump! ; )


That look of surprise & delight on Shelby’s face = priceless!

Shelby & Forrest, posing together! Looooove! ❤

And since, I’ve gained a great friend, and through her, been able to donate to her shelter a custom art creation! Another thing I love about making custom art: being able to donate to causes I believe in.

Looking for a dog? Or just wanting to make a difference? Here are a few of her recommended links:
Eagle’s Den Rescue   https://www.facebook.com/Eagles.Den.Rescue   they take on some of the most horrific abused dogs in North Carolina area
Noah’s Arks Rescue   http://www.noahs-arks.net/RESCUE/HOME.html, in South Carolina.
http://www.olivierdunrea.com/    Olivia Dunrea, he is a wonderful, loving man/best selling author that started a dog rescue,  S.T.A.R.T ! In New York.

Thanks, Kim, Shelby, & Four-rest! 😀


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