And the winner is. . .

How to increase FB page participation 101: ask Yes or No questions, & have your fans like vs comment. In one week my participation in PAW’s (renamed my Portrait a Week Giveaway) went from 4 to 20. By gosh, it works! I’m super excited to say that I had so many entries this week.

Because I like to imagine that my work is a modern version of paint oozing from a polaroid. 😀

What’s PAW’s again? you ask.  Back in August I started Portrait a Day (which was, albeit, a bit too ambitious on my part). Now portrait a week, I set out to create a new portrait, in a style not seen in my shop.  Either inspired by something I’ve seen, or evolving from playing around with the photograph provided.  I quickly ran out of muses, and decided to start pairing it with a Giveaway. Because, well, who doesn’t like free stuff? 😀 Everyone who comments or likes the post is automatically entered to win a free digital portrait. They provide the picture, I do the rest. I learn something new, grow my portfolio, and someone gets a free piece of artwork out of it. EVERY WEEK!   This new style is then sold on FB (and now here) for a limited time for 50% off my usual prices. Two opportunities for savings! And fun for all.

And I just love the challenge in it. I believe in constant, never ending improvement, and sometimes my choices prove to be too ambitious, but other times I fall into happy surprises – styles that end up permanently in my shop too. ; )

At any rate, I’m super happy with last week’s response & thrilled to announce the winner was Christine N. Another fellow due date buddy when we were expecting our firsts. She’s now a momma of two as well. Congrats, Christine! Can’t wait to start on your creation.

A new draw on Wednesday from now on. . . so check back then to enter again! 😀


About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Portrait Artist, Writer, Editor, Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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