PAW (Portrait a Week & Giveaway Day! YAY!)

I’m a day late on my PAW’s (which I promised would be up a day early this week). The Norovirus had other plans for our family. The good: Meekly didn’t catch it (I write, at 72 hrs out). The bad: Beldoe went to the hospital for us, and had a stint there while they rehydrated him properly. And I completely understand why this kills 17,000 people a year. Just sayin’. B-R-U-T-A-L. Easily the most sick Beldoe and I have ever been in our 10 years together. And that Sneaky got it 7 hrs after we did (we were within minutes of one another) just gut wrenching. Any mother can attest that having to watch your child suffer is worth than suffering yourself. Well, that plus a well child wailing to be fed (Meekly still isn’t all into the solids) & being unable to do ANYTHING to comfort her. Le oy!

I’ve emerged from viral Hell just in time to get some very cool orders though. A custom memorial portrait (I love memorial art, because I know just how meaningful and therapeutic it can be), a cool Scanner Darkly trio of dogs (working on this currently) & my first order through the blog! (Which, I’m just ECSTATIC about!) Look for that on Artful Friday. . .

Now for this week’s PAW! Winner Christine N’s sweet girl, Quinn, inspired this portrait! Monotones with a pop of colours!


Forgotten how this works? I’m selling a CUSTOM digital portrait to FB & blog fans only (a design not currently listed in my shop) for $19 (that’s over 50% off!) Be the first to comment SOLD on the portrait and the style’s yours! Leave your email, I’ll send a paypal invoice, and then you can send me your photo(s) to and your CUSTOM portrait will be to you within 24 hrs! It’ll also be going up in my Etsy shop (for a dollar more though!) for 3x the exposure! Will be up until next week’s PAW.

Hair can be done in any colors (I went with rainbow, because I’m totally obsessed with rainbows, of course! Fire hues, ocean hues, some cotton candy blend. If you can dream it, I’ll draw it! Good on pet portraits too! : )

You receive three high resolution files: PDF, PNG, and JPEG. You choose the size. Print your portrait as often as you want, wherever you want (canvas, posters, cards). All art comes signed and dated by the artist.


Now for the fun bit:

To enter, like this post, and tell me what portrait style you’d like to see next week! Send me links to cool styles you’ve seen as inspiration, if you like! You’ll be entered possibly to win that very style. How can you resist? ; )


About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Portrait Artist, Writer, Editor, Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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