PAW (Portrait a Week & Giveaway Day! YAY!)

Evidently, I forgot to post up last week’s PAW on FB (& do the giveaway) & I only realized as I went to make this week’s portrait. Whoops! At any rate, here’s this week’s portrait, which I’m calling a Vintage Warhol inspired portrait, using my sweet Meekly’s bedhead as muse.

Forgotten how this works? I’m selling a CUSTOM digital portrait to FB & blog fans only (a design not currently listed in my shop) for $19 (that’s over 50% off!) Be the first to comment SOLD on the portrait and the style’s yours!

Leave your email, I’ll send a paypal invoice, and then you can send me your photo(s) to shaylenmaxwell and your CUSTOM portrait will be to you within 24 hrs! It’ll also be going up in my Etsy shop (for a dollar more though!) for 3x the exposure! Will be up until next week’s PAW.

You choose your colours & subject – awesome for pet portraits too! : )

You receive three high resolution files: PDF, PNG, and JPEG. You choose the size. Print your portrait as often as you want, wherever you want (canvas, posters, cards). All art comes signed and dated by the artist.

& Now for the fun bit:

To enter, like this post, and tell me what portrait style you’d like to see next week! Send me links to cool styles you’ve seen as inspiration, if you like! You’ll be entered possibly to win that very style. How can you resist? ; )


About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Portrait Artist, Writer, Editor, Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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