Hump Day Happy!

Goodness! I really have to learn NOT to delete my Etsy emails until after I’ve thoroughly read them. I’m thinking one of my items got featured again, because of the huge influx of favouriting that started happening as of yesterday afternoon! Unfortunately, my email also deletes the trash instantly (or so it seems) so I have no way of knowing for sure! But still. . . I AM A HAPPY SELLER!

Just when things had slowed a bit (my last order 8 days ago), I got 6 new prospective orders (that still might close) & 3 new orders – in about 2 hrs time!! It really made my Tuesday, Etsy. THANK YOU AGAIN! (Unless there is some Custom Pop Art fairy out there directing people to my listings!)

I leave you with one of my newest pieces in progress. . .

The only thing that can make this day even better, would be the arrival of my new BG 4.0 dipes in Albert, Irwin, and Lovelace! (Yes, having a second baby turned me into a bit of a cloth diaper fanatic – there was no way I was going to continue to pay $100+ per month diapering two children!) If you’re following the blog & also into CD’ing, what are your favourite brands? We have 6 regular AIO BG’s. And 18 (17 now, we had an incident with a snap breaking) Kawaii’s. These are our first patterns though. I’m so excited I can’t think straight! Haha. XD

The day we made the switch. Meekly making the “That’s how much you were spending on diapers for two kids!” face. Dude, I know. 😀


About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Portrait Artist, Writer, Editor, Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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