Happy Victoria Day Weekend!

Happy Victoria Day Weekend, to all my blog followers from Canada! & almost Memorial Day weekend to my US ones! I’m playing catch-up on the blog after spending a little too much time starting out on another brand. I’ve had a lot of great new orders, which I can’t wait to share, and again restart my PAW’s initiative (which fell by the wayside). So more real soon. . .

For now, I leave you with pics from last night’s fireworks show. At 9PM, I was in the garage painting when I heard the first firecrackers go! I shouted to Beldoe and Sneaky it was time & off we trekked. Last year, Sneaky was so into them that between VD & Canada Day, we counted down the days til he’d see firecrackers again. He was so excited getting out of the car, he nearly tripped both Meekly & I.


Then he howled (quite literally) at every firework for the next hour. “Woooot! Woooft! Oooooh!” over and over and over. Beldoe and I looked at one another and were like “What is he saying? Woot? I don’t get it?” As the show died down and we started off, he goes “Me so excited to see fireworks. I barking at them. So exciting. Woooffft Wooot! Oooooh!” Beldoe and I couldn’t believe it. LOLFOREVER!

So, if you’re keeping score: he laps water off of table tops. He ‘pees’ on hydrants & posts to mark them. And now he barks at fireworks. He really is being raised by wolves!IMG_0655


About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Portrait Artist, Writer, Editor, Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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