Hump Day Happy!

This hump day happy post is devoted to every person I’ve ever met through my online Etsy selling that have turned out to be the sweetest people ever, people I wish I could know IRL. Some of which I now know and call FB friends. Others who I’ve exchanged lengthy emails with, as I create personal works of art that I know they’ll treasure for years to come!

And to every buyer who complimented me, I am truly humbled! Having worked in isolation for so many years before embarking on this new journey, selling custom art, it never ceases to floor me when someone expresses that I am talented, creative, or that I’m a nice person. This stuff means so much to me, literally! And I thank you all for that.

I strive to make all my customers happy! No matter how many revisions, color changes, style changes. I aim to create unique, high quality products, that are affordable for everyone on any budget. And I literally put hours of detailed labouring and love into everything I make. I love the stories behind my work. And the people. So being recognized for this commitment also means the world to me!

Thank you! I never would have dreamed to be making art for other people, for a living. And thanks to my patrons, I can! I can support my family. And do something truly meaningful to me. I wake up every morning, excited to open my illustrator and start on a new project.

And for those new fans of my side venture Reborn, Sweet, who have graced me with so many unbelievable compliments so far, I thank you too! Thanks for supporting me as an artist!


About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Portrait Artist, Writer, Editor, Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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