On blogging badly | Playing catch-up

Coming out here to say I am blogging very badly!

Running two similar, but entirely different art businesses (built around creating mostly entirely custom creations) is a lot like parenting two entirely different, but genetically similar children. The youngest needs a nap when the oldest insists on screaming at the top of his lungs for another episode of Curious George on the ipad.  Spin one plate, toss another. It’s enough to make me lose my mind, just a little. And one of the sacrifices of trying to keep it all together, is blogging about all this, uh, mental shuffling!

And I should mention, parenting two entirely different, but genetically similar children (one who is toilet papering the house to look like a rocket ship, knocking over the other who insists on trying to climb the stairs herself) whilst running two similar but very different art businesses, well. . .  Clearly, I’m a little mentally ill right now. :p Not that I’m complaining. :p :p :p

But honestly! I’m a bit busy. I’m playing catch-up on my Etsy orders, with a sleeping youngest strapped to me in the Ergo, whilst Beldoe manages the “Need another Curious George!” oldest upstairs. And thinking it’s about time I break out a scheduler and use it.

Here’s a little of what I’ve done in the last week:

Yes, that was literally ALL last week! Seriously, no complaints. It’s just a LOT of juggling. My Warhols and Disney commissions were super popular! The latter, reminding me of my fleeting ambitions to be a Disney animator (back when I was 13!)  I love those Disney commissions! And the coolest commission ever! The five pet portraits on teal and coral, for a vet clinic! Amazing, right?! I’m still speechless over it! And the reborns? Apologies for throwing in my second business but *cough* my Etsy shop is off to a really tremendous start! 1 shy of 100 favourites & 7 orders, 3 customs, and a ton of great reviews!

The blondie is a contest entry on one of the biggest kit sellers on the net. And the latter a specialty baby I hope to have up on Ebay shortly (will try that auction thing once more!) And if you missed the whole, transition into reborning. It went like this: “Huh? Wow, reborns are really popular! It looks like it’s a lot of what I’m already doing too! Portrait work. Bit of sculpture. In a medium I haven’t used in a while (real brushes & real paint). And photography! I already have all sorts of infant photo props! Bet I could make them!” Fast forward two months, and yup, I’m making them alright. And I already covered the mental bit, right? ;D

Oh goodness, and if you head over to my FB page, you can read about the funniest story EVER involving the ER, a fake baby, and a new 14 yr old Mom. 999081_445254642238395_1699557109_n

Life over here is never dull. No matter how maddeningly busy! LOL!

If my posts moving forward, are more sporadic, you now know why! 😉


About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Portrait Artist, Writer, Editor, Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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  1. I’m your hundredth admirer!! 🙂

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