christmas in august

Been plotting this for, um, at least the start of July! When sales didn’t slow down (for the first July ever!) & I started to gulp at the prospect of my Christmas rush!

Christmas on Etsy is NUTS!!! NUTS! I had no idea what I was getting myself into, first Christmas. I doubled my whole year of sales! I couldn’t believe it. Before then, I thought I had an okay shop with a handful of orders a month. But then, wham! As someone sort of at a remove from the whole commercial world, for way too long (starving writer before I was a starving artist) they aren’t kidding when 80% of all sales happen at Christmas. Or was that 90%. 95%. Mad respect to sales clerks at the mall, yo!

Except, I’m selling custom work. Which means, back and forths. A new product for every person. And time. Esp when I put even more ridiculous constraints on myself like, oh yeah, as many revisions as needed til you love your product. 😛 (I’ve got a few boundaries more than this these days. Like 1 style change! 5 revisions! Cuz otherwise, believe me, I’ve come across a few people who probably could have kept asking forever! :D) But it took til last Xmas for me to do it.

Because last Christmas was CRAAAAZY! I had about 10 orders a day. For about 7 weeks straight. And I’ve gleamed that with every subsequent Christmas (and more people hearting the shop) it’ll likely only get worse! And operating two shops now, I’m obv looking at an extremely busy Christmas season.  Which is how I ended up here!


Every September, my prices go up. Not a lot. But I still don’t even charge $50 a piece. For custom art, I know I’m super affordable. I like that bit too! Yes, there are extras, if you order a print product. But I only charge what I’m charged by my shops. So I still only see what I charge to make it. And I’m putting up. Still under $50. I’ve not wanted to do this for too long, believe me. But life is hard on us, with two kids. And I have to support my family. So $49. That’s $9 more per custom piece.

So, if you wanted something for Christmas, now’s the time! $9 off. And I’ll slave for you in advance! 😀

I’m extending this for my 2nd business too! Esp for them. Because it takes time for me to get what I need, and even longer to get a finished product. At least 3-4 weeks turnaround time, thanks to the lovely postal service! And I’m still running my 25% off for the rest of the month. And then, yup, my prices will be back to what they usually are. So if you’re looking for a custom reborn, check out the shop!

VOILA! CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST. Ho, ho, holy rad, right? Til August 31st!

And if not, I’ll still be elf’ing it up the whole of the holiday season – of course! 😉


About Shaylen Maxwell

Custom Reborn Artist, Portrait Artist, Writer, Editor, Momma of two (Sneaky & Meekly)
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