The portraits Shaylen did for my two boys were amazing! I have showed all my friends and family and they want to order some for themselves. We had ours printed on canvas and displayed in the house, we receive endless comments about them! Shaylen was amazing to work with, very creative (I think she is one of those people born with artistic talent), patient and supplies an amazing product. I can’t thank her enough for our beautiful pictures to keep a lifetime, I highly recommend her. Chenoa”

“SO PERFECT! So creative and a unique piece in my home! THANKS SO MUCH!”

“The poster was flawless and our veterinarian was overwhelmed by our gift. Several SF SPCA staff have since asked me for your shop’s information….. I hope that I’m able to give-back by bringing you a lot of coworker business! Thanks again, Susie”

“Shelby LOVED the picture of Forrest and cried! Here’s the pic from Christmas! THANK YOU again!!!”

“Perfect temporary grave marker for our Glenn-y! Looks just like him! – Kim”

“My sister loved the poster! See pic!”

“Shaylen is an AMAZING artist and AMAZING to work with. I love, love, love the two pieces she did for my family. And so does everyone who sees it. Thanks you Shaylen. I’ll be back!!!”

Here’s the pics of all three of my kiddos framed! Super cute! LOVE them! Thanks Shaylen! / Tiffany B.

ahhh we are just SO happy with how it turned out! thank you thank you thank you!!
he just loves it 🙂 he was like ‘how did she even DO that?!’ i printed off the picture you worked from, & oh my gosh it’s SUCH poor quality! haha, i was like, ‘i actually have NO idea…’ because i don’t. haha. we’re having a big dinner tomorrow night (his actual birthday) & he’s already said he wants to bring it up to show everyone 🙂 — katie!

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